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BLU Prep Table Start-up Instructions
BLU Prep Table Start-up Instructions
  1. Uncrate the unit.
  2. Check to make sure unit is in tact; no visible freight damage including dents, dings, scratches, missing parts. If you notice any damage to your unit, please call (800) 833-1106.


  1. Look in refrigerated base compartment, remove filter. 
  2. Remove louvered panel over compressor compartment.
  3. Insert filter in channels located under the compressor compartment area.
  4. On back side of the unit, remove the access panel that covers the compressor compartment. This is your glycol system. The glycol used is a non-toxic food grade (propylene) glycol.
  5. Check fill tank (small plastic tank) level.  Minimal 1” level required for proper operation (s small amount of glycol may spill from tank during shipment). If tank is completely empty, please contact KAIRAK Engineering (800) 833-1106.
  6. Next, inspect the two insulated hoses located in the back of the compressor compartment. For proper circulation, the hoses must be free of kinks.
  7. Reattach access panel.
  8. Cut zip tie securing electrical cord and plug cord into wall socket.


  1. Ensure doors to refrigerated base are closed and night cover is lowered to cover pan chiller top.
  2. On the front side of the unit in the compressor compartment area, flip the main power switch ON.
  3. Replace louver panel to cover opening of compressor compartment.
  4. Observe the Blue LED Temperature Display located just above the louver panel.
  5. At start-up, the readout will read H1. This signifies that the temperature is above normal operating range. The reading will alternate every 5 seconds, displaying the refrigerated cabinet temperature and the glycol liquid temperature.
  6. When the liquid temperature cools to 30°F, the unit is ready go!